The Fluffy Goodness of Pancakes

Dessert Style Mini Pancakes Handcrafted with Sweet Treats

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Our Specialties

From classic favorites to innovative creations, we offer a delightful selection of food made with the finest ingredients. 

Authentic Chai

Crafted with the finest ingredients sourced from India. Our chai blends are meticulously prepared using time-honored recipes, ensuring an authentic taste. With its harmonious balance of aromatic spices and a smooth, creamy texture, it’s a true indulgence for anyone seeking an unparalleled sensory journey.


Catering & Live Stations Available

Click below to host an event at Fluffiies, hire a Fluffiies live station at your event, or get Fluffiies catered to your event.

Pancake Favourites

Biscoff Pancakes

Biscoff and white chocolate sauce with crumbled biscoff ​

Ferrero Pancakes

Milk chocolate with heavenly hazelnuts and fererro sauce

Pistachio Berry

Pistachio and white choco with pistachios & strawberries

Fluffiies Cafe

Masala Chai

Aromatic blend of warm, Indian spices and leaves

Fluffiie Iced Coffee

Rich, smooth Fluffiies coffee chillled to perfection​

Hot Chocolate

Velvety cocoa alongside creamy, chocolate bliss​

Taste It. Experience It.

We offer a delightful range of treats for all occasions, including live stations, catering, and hosted events.

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